Prior to Fut Coins. the success of the titles solely relied on offline or couch co-op game modes since online game modes were not yet introduced in the game. With new games like UFL ready to take on the football gaming world, EA will need to rethink its strategy and find innovative ways to recreate the success of older FIFA titles. By going back to its roots and building a better engine, like what Visual Concepts did with WWE 2K22. EA could revitalize the FIFA franchise and produce a game that meets the expectations of the fans and set up another successful FIFA run that could last decades.

EA Sports has released its seventh update to FC 24 with the 1.20 patch. Title Update #7 is a considerably small patch compared to the previous FIFA Update 6.1 patch, fixing one aspect in the title's gameplay and some minor tweaks to the visual and audio portions of the game. A new Skill Move animation is now available when players perform a Heel Chop diagonally behind the face angle of the ball carrier. FC 24 also addressed the issue of EA Trax audio playing over EATV videos when watching them in full screen, as well as updating some player portraits.

The ever-growing and evolving FC 24 is no stranger to releasing new updates and patching the game whenever problems arise. A dedicated player base often takes to social media with bugs they find in the game, and FIFA developers waste no time improving its game. This time around, a known bug where the EA Trax audio playing over EATV videos, specifically when players entered full-screen mode, is now fixed. Upon updating the game, the issue should be resolved and players can resume watching their EATV videos without encountering the problem. The update is readily available on all gaming consoles and PC.

While it isn't confirmed exactly which players received updates to their portraits, it appears that the patch will cover some of the game's athletes. After making improvements to Career Mode in FC 24. and many other modes, it's refreshing to see EA Sports investing time into the minor fixes of the game to improve the visual quality during gameplay. Initial reaction to the past updates have been mostly-negative, as players noticed the drop-off in overall experience while playing, however, the newest patches have received mostly positive reviews on social media, despite the omission of fixing the passing or running mechanics. For now, it appears that the game's updates are improving the quality of the experience.

Players also faced an issue with the latest patch, as player packs involved in Squad Building Challenge were not distributed as originally intended. The official FIFA Direct Communications Twitter account has addressed the issue, and the team is working on compensation for everyone impacted. All players should be getting some good news after the mishap, but the slip-up could not have come at a worse time with the EA's battle in a Dutch court earlier this week. EA was successful with its appeal, but the story itself didn't go unnoticed by soccer gamers invested in the online gaming portion.

EA Sports revealed its FC 24 Ultimate Team Team of the Week 25 for FC 24 Ultimate Team mode. The announcement, a positive one after EA's most-recent updates made headlines, includes the names of 23 stars and their starting overall grades, and all TOTW players will be available in FC Coins for sale Ultimate Team packs from March 9 until March 16. Players involved in FC 24 's Team of The Week include names around the sport who gave excellent performances during the week prior and are recognized by news media outlets, fans, and FIFA Ultimate Team. Featured TOTW players will receive an additional boost, increasing their impact in squad building.