Although she hasn't attended since 2022, Parker has proven herself a true veteran. She attended for the first time in 1995-the first year took the reigns. For her inaugural Met, wore a simple, black velvet dress. And although the sun is out, The designers are proof that it's never too balmy to wear a faux fur jacket. And fashion-wise, it gives a bride the option to go for something a little less formal. The actor wore a shorter version of the original version, allowing the voluminous tulle underskirt to peek out from the raw hem. An absolute no: kitten heels. Just because the movie is now out in the world, however, doesn't mean that the tennis aesthetic is fizzling out anytime soon. As we'll need to wait until spring 2025 for his runway debut, here's a quick Michele fix in the form of a round-up of his -era street style. Consider it an Dior Shoes Outlet endearing exercise that summed up who Victoria is as a person now, but also what has shaped her. Even less surprising, when it comes to her look for the upcoming 2024 , says: "I'm gonna wear something! Beauty, Skin, Savage. This weekend, made an appearance at a Beauty event in Los Angeles promoting her new foundation that gives you a "golden hour glow"-but it was her red carpet look that was truly golden. There's even a name for us: a portmanteau inspired by the fictional couple. "People just bring two or three yards of fabric from the market and then show you a picture of or somebody, and say 'I want the same outfit,'" he explains. There are also plenty of looks that speak to the spring 2024 trends, a few straight from the runways themselves, like those from Dries and 3.1 Phillip Lim. The juice itself is unlike anything I've ever experienced. If you came for the crochet and raffia, rest assured, you won't be disappointed. She even perfected the accessories-like the quilted tennis bag, and the ready-to-run-in low-top sneakers. Turns out, casual approach to fashion is nothing new. The senator regularly wears hooded sweatshirts for high-profile political events: Last year, he made headlines when he attended a press conference in a hoodie and shorts, and it's a uniform that he has continued to wear to the Capitol all year since. In the world of politicians, everyone has a uniform-be it Jill Biden's elegant skirt suits, or wife affordable dresses-and a decidedly more dressed-down look happens to be his. "It is a privilege to make films," said during her acceptance speech. Since attending her first Met in 2015, the supermodel has pulled off a variety of drastically-different themes along the way-from campy to futuristic. Whether you call it bordeaux, burgundy, or mthis deep, purplish-red has anchored many designers' spring collections; even introduced it as one of house's new It colors in his debut show last season.